Building Status

Building Access Procedures

The following critical steps are in place to ensure university buildings are prepared for entry. If you have any questions or would like to make a facilities request, please contact Facilities Management at 412-624-9500.

Ensure Building Readiness: All buildings have been prepared for personnel use, including HVAC system review, deep cleaning and sanitizing, building and elevator capacity restrictions and signage. Spaces that are closed due to COVID ventilation requirements are locked and clearly marked with signage.

Control Building Access: Provided that the University is in guarded or elevated operational posture, employees are automatically granted broad access to campus spaces including academic buildings, libraries, dining facilities, and their office/lab buildings. Employees are required to swipe into buildings with their Pitt IDs. If employees require special internal access to labs or other restricted rooms, they should submit proposals to access those spaces, following standard protocols. Building Concierge stations are located at building entrances to assist Pitt community members at this time.

During High Risk operational posture, employees are only authorized to access buildings directly relevant to their role and responsibilities, and that access must be approved by the RC Head or designated approver in the Authority to Operate (ATO) system. In all risk postures, individuals in isolation and/or quarantine are not authorized to enter campus buildings.

Require Safety Compliance: Everyone on-campus must comply with Pitt health and safety guidelines, including the following requirements which apply to all individuals accessing University buildings:

  1. Complete the University’s Training for Employees on COVID-19 Response Faculty and Staff Training.
  2. Comply with your unit’s Activity Area Plan.
  3. Obtain approval from a member of the senior leadership team or his/her delegate to bring a guest to campus buildings. Guests are significantly restricted, and documentation of approval must be provided at building entrances. An employee escort is also recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions: Building Access Protocol

Summer Term 2021 ATO Update

  1. What are the Return to Campus Plans for this summer?

As we approach summer, we will use a phased approach for return to campus. Each unit and department will develop plans specific to their area. To support workplace transitions, the Office of Human Resources is developing in-person, hybrid, and remote work planning guidance and supplemental trainings. Further information will be provided as it becomes available.

For those who are authorized to return to campus, please remember to continue following Pitt’s health rules. Continue to wear your face covering inside and wash your hands. Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout campus. Interior and exterior signage is also in place across campus to provide health and safety reminders.

  1. Do employees still need ATO authorization to access Pitt buildings?

A Pitt ID is still required to enter campus buildings, swiping in at Building Safety Concierge stations located at facility entrances. New for the Summer Term, Pitt community members can now enter University buildings and are no longer required to request building access through the Authority to Operate (ATO) system. University guests can enter with an approved guest form. Buildings remain closed to the public at this time.

  1. Will the ATO 2.0 Dashboard still be accessible? 

Yes, the dashboard will remain accessible for RC Administrators and Departmental approvers to monitor building access.

  1. What is the Audible Alert Feature?

An audible alert will sound if a student or employee attempts to access a building during quarantine or isolation. If an audible alert sounds when attempting to enter a campus building, the individual will be denied entry to the building until the quarantine or isolation period is completed, allowing 24 hours after completion of quarantine or isolation period before accessing any University facility.

  1. Why is Pitt doing this?

Pitt remains committed to campus safety for employees and students, with University building access restricted to authorized Pitt community members during the spring term. The audible alert ensures only employees and students in conformance with building access safety protocol are allowed entry to campus buildings.

  1. Who do I contact if the alert goes off?

When the alert goes off, the student or employee will be denied building access.  Questions regarding quarantine or isolation should be addressed to EH&S at

  1. If it goes off, can I just run to my office/lab to grab something?

No. For the safety of the University community, individuals sounding the alert may not enter the building for any reason. Urgent needs should be addressed with the individual’s supervisor.

  1. I don’t think it should have gone off – I am not in quarantine or isolation - and I need access, what should I do? Can you make an exception (I’ll be quick)?

If an employee is adhering to all safety protocols but an alert still sounds, they should reach out to their supervisor or director of administration for assistance. RC heads may appeal the non-conformance designation by contacting EH&S

  1. How can I ensure that my ID card will work to access my building or space (when doors are locked)?

If in doubt, employees should work with their RC Administrator, Director of Administration, or Departmental Approver to ensure that all necessary access is programmed to their ID card. For example, please remember that if an individual has card access to only a room or suite within a building, that access level may not grant entry to the exterior building doors when they are locked. Individuals required and authorized to enter buildings during non-business hours (weekends, holidays, evenings) should ensure that they also have card access for the exterior entrances.

  1. What should I do if my ID doesn’t work to enter my building?

Individuals should first check with their RC Administrator, DOA, or Departmental Approver who can confirm authorized card access and assist with troubleshooting. If the problem is believed to be related to card damage or wear, individuals should contact Panther Central at, through chat at Panther Central, or by calling 412-648-1100.

  1. Who is my RS2 Card Access Administrator?

This link is only for the Pittsburgh Campus

  1. What happens in High-Risk Posture?

During High-Risk posture, all buildings will be locked down and Integrated Security (ISD) will take control of building access. Only those individuals approved in ATO for access in High-Risk posture will be granted access.

  1. How can I log onto the ATO platform to view building access activity?

Only assigned RC administrators and designated departmental approvers are authorized to view building entry activity. Each RC has one or more designated RC Administrators who can appoint or change departmental approvers.  RCs are encouraged to authorize backup or proxy approvers in the event that the primary approver is not available.

  1. What if I need to change a Departmental Approver for a department within my RC?

ATO 2.0 has a new “Manage Departmental Approvers” function which permits RC Administrators to appoint or change departmental approvers.

  1. I am an RC head or departmental approver and cannot log into the ATO platform – Who should I contact?

Please contact the Pitt IT help desk for ATO assistance at (412) 624-HELP (4357) or by email at

  1. Will RC administrators and departmental approvers automatically receive ATO building access reports?

No; however, these can be viewed on the ATO platform, allowing RC administrators and departmental approvers to customize reporting by specific building, department, dates and times.