Design Manual

Facilities Management Professional Design Manual

The entire Professional Design Manual is available in .pdf format (Adobe Acrobat). If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, click here to download it. To download any section of the manual, click on the section title.

Section Description Last Upload Date
Division Index Table of Contents 09/09/2018
Division A General Project Requirements 04/12/2021
Division B Special Requirement for University Projects 12/08/2020
Division C University Standards For Materials and Products 12/10/2020
Division D Request For Survey Information 09/18/2018
Division E Instructions To Professionals Regarding Subsurface And Related Site Investigations 09/18/2018
Division F Drawing Standards 09/14/2019
Division G Guidelines For Office Design 09/18/2018
Division J Mechanical/HVAC Standards 05/19/2022
Division K Electrical Standards 08/01/2019
Division L CSSD Specifications 06/13/2022
Division M Signage Standard Construction Methods 09/13/2019
Division N Classroom and Lecture Hall Design 09/09/2018
Division P Laboratory Design Standards 09/09/2018
Division R1 Standard Site Construction Details 09/09/2018
Division R2 Standard Site Construction Specifications 09/09/2018
Division S Pitt Sustainable Landscape Design Guidelines Final for Issue 09/09/2018
Division Y Guidelines for Restrooms, Showering Facilities, Locker Rooms and Lactation Rooms 09/23/2019