Hillside Area Development


The upper campus hillside area is undergoing a major transformation, taking a fully integrated approach to develop this space and add new amenities, pedestrian pathways, outdoor spaces, a sustainable stormwater management system and more in the coming years.

Development initiatives include:

  • Enabling Projects
    • Infrastructure Improvements – Updates to aging utilities infrastructure include a new chilled water plant, as well as power, chilled water and sewer lines. These projects support campus building needs and future Campus Master Plan projects, in addition to creating utilities resiliency and redundancy needed to support a preeminent research university.
    • Pathway Enhancements - University Drive is being reconfigured, in addition to a central traversed pedestrian walkway to travel across campus. Dedicated pathway improvements will create a more pedestrian-friendly, safer and sustainable hillside while providing convenient access and greater connection across campus areas. 
    • Outdoor Spaces – New hillside areas will provide additional welcoming outdoor gathering spaces for students, faculty and staff.
    • Sustainable Landscape – Landscaping improvements will bring a sustainable new landscape design to the area that increase the use of native species and reduce vehicular surfaces.
  • Campus Recreation and Wellness CenterLearn more
  • Victory Heights Learn more
    • Includes Petersen Sports Complex renovations, new Arena and Sports Performance Complex, Indoor Track & Field and Band Complex
  • Additional proposed hillside area projects include an upgraded stormwater management system and student housing, part of the Campus Master Plan developed in collaboration with the City of Pittsburgh, Oakland community members, students, faculty and staff.


Hillside planning is fully integrated, taking a comprehensive and holistic approach to developing the area, with phased completion timelines for each project.

  • Petersen Sports Complex renovations, part of Victory Heights, are complete
  • A new chilled water plant is slated for completion December 2023
  • The Campus Recreation and Wellness Center is targeted to open Fall 2024
  • New roads, biking and pedestrian walkways, plus outdoor spaces and sustainable landscapes, will be the finishing touches to the Hillside

Learn More

To learn more about hillside development and benefits, read the behind-the-scenes profile with project manager Anastasia Dubnicay.