Mazeroski Field Stormwater Collection

The University of Pittsburgh is planning a lower campus stormwater collection system, that is part of upgrading and expanding an existing Chilled Water plant at Posvar Hall. The stormwater feature includes a cistern built underneath Mazeroski Field. This underground collection basin and pipes will recycle runoff rainwater for Pitt’s Chilled Water system that provides temperature regulation in a variety of lower campus buildings. The project will improve drainage on Mazeroski Field allowing the field to dry faster after a moderate rain storm. Pitt will replace aging features of the field, including replacing the in-kind fencing, soil, and natural turf. Pitt is working with the City on a temporary construction easement and a permanent easement for the maintenance and repair of the system. As part of the project, a few new elements will be added just beyond the field fencing. This includes utility grates that are flush with the lawn and an electrical utility box. The project is within the Oakland Civic Center Historic District and is subject to review by the Art Commission.

Aerial view of Mazeroski Fieldrendering of man looking at mazeroski field