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Facilities Management Services Guide

  1. How to Access FM Services
  2. Work Control Center
  3. Facility Managers
  4. Work Requests
    1. Maintenance Requests
    2. Departmental Work Requests
    3. Special Events Requests
    4. How To Submit a Work Request
    5. Communications Regarding Work Requests
    6. Services FM Does Not Provide
  5. Financial Responsibility For Services Provided
  6. Administrative Services
  7. Banners

How to Access FM Services

Certain key individuals or work units are central to requesting services from FM.

Our primary contact - the Department Coordinator

Each school or department is encouraged to assign a department coordinator to act as the primary liaison with FM. The coordinator processes departmental work requests, initiates requests for routine maintenance and coordinates activities such as planned utility outages.   Only Departmental Coordinators have access to request on-line services.  New Departmental Coordinators should email Karissa Fonzi to register your username.

Your primary contact - the Facility Manager

FM assigns an Facility Manager to each building as the primary customer service representative. The Facility Managers' tasks include:

  • Assisting building occupants in requesting FM services
  • Coordinating and monitoring the efficient delivery and quality of FM services
  • Expediting project activity
  • Monitoring customer satisfaction

Work Control Center

The WCC is the communications hub of the FM Division. This unit provides information support services regarding the status of your work request. It receives and processes emergency, maintenance, departmental and special events work requests.

Maintenance Requests

  • Emergency services
  • Custodial services
  • Building maintenance
  • Elevator problems
  • Heating and cooling

Departmental Work Requests

  • Special events requests
  • Cost estimates
  • Design services
  • Renovations / new construction
  • Project scheduling and progress information

Special Events Requests

  • Setups
  • Furniture rental
  • Event cleaning
  • Temporary Signage and banners
  • Temporary utility hookups

Facility Managers 

Bob O'Malley
(412) 383-3134
  • Benedum Hall
  • Mascaro Center
  • Gardner Steel Center
  • GSPH-Parran Hall
  • GSPH-Crabtree Hall
  • GSPH Pavilion
  • Thackeray Hall
  • Posvar Hall
John Lehr
(412) 624-4716
  • Alumni Hall
  • Clapp Hall
  • Crawford Hall
  • Langley Hall
  • Life Science Annex
  • Forbes Tower
  • Music Building
  • School of Information Science
Richard Ferretti
(412) 624-9299
  • 3343 Forbes Avenue
  • 480 Melwood Street-Maint.
  • 530 Melwood Street-Motorpool
  • 7500 Thomas Blvd
  • Allegheny Observatory
  • Eureka Building
  • Salk Hall/Dental Clinic
  • Salk Annex
  • Public Safety Building
Chris Niemann II
(412) 624-9529
  • Barco Law Building
  • Craig Hall
  • David Lawrence hall
  • Falk School
  • Hillman Library
  • William Pitt Union
  • University Child Development Center
  • Stephen Foster Memorial
Paul Fink
(412) 648-9190
  • Biomedical Science Tower 3
  • Center for Bioengineering
  • McGowan Center
  • Plum Boro Research Center
  • Regional Biocontainment Laboratory
  • Victoria Hall
  • RIDC Computer Center
  • Bridgeside Point II
Roy Charlton
(412) 648-9491
  • Athletics Fields
  • Bellfield Hall
  • Cost Sports Center
  • Fitzgerald Field House
  • LRDC
  • Petersen Events Center
  • Petersen Sports Complex
  • Pitt Sports Dome
  • Trees Hall
  • Frick Fine Arts
Bill Heller
(412) 624-0283
  • Allen Hall
  • Chevron Science Center
  • Chevron Science Annex
  • Eberly Hall
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Old Engineering Hall
  • O’Hara Student Center
  • Space Research Center
  • Thaw Hall
  • Mervis Hall
Dante Bongiorni
(412) 624-9528
  • Cathedral of Learning
  • Chancellor’s Residence
  • Heinz Chapel
  • General Campus
  • Parking & Transportation

Fax (412) 624-9298

Work Requests

FM services can be requested either online, via phone (412) 624-9512, or via paper forms.  Please note that emergency services should always be requested via phone at (412) 624-9512.

Types of Work Requests

There are 3 types of work requests: Maintenance Requests (Facilities Management responsibility), Departmental Work Requests (require departmental account number), and Special Events Requests (departmental event support).  Each type of request is routed and processed differently, so please choose carefully to avoid an unnecessary delay.

Maintenance Requests

A maintenance request is initiated by the Work Control Center maintenance desk upon receipt of an on-line maintenance request or phone request.  Maintenance requests should include repairs to buildings, building systems, door hardware, plumbing fixtures, lighting, or other minor maintenance items.  The request is entered into FM’s computer information system, assigned the appropriate priority rating, and dispatched electronically to the appropriate trade or the operating engineers for execution.  You can request maintenance services either on-line (Maintenance Requests), or via phone at (412) 624-9512.

Please keep in mind that multiple issues will need to be submitted via separate Maintenance Requests.

In the case of an emergency DO NOT use the on-line request.  Please call (412)624-9512 and speak directly to a dispatcher.  Once received, each maintenance request receives a priority assignment as follows:

Priority 1 (Emergency) requests take precedence over all other requests and include problems which threaten life, safety, research, or which could cause physical damage to a facility.

Priority 2 (Urgent) requests include malfunctioning heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and elevator systems and problems affecting the security of facilities. Service is usually provided within 24 hours.

Priority 3 (Routine) requests are scheduled on a first-in, first-out basis. Service is usually provided within a two-week period.

Departmental Standing Maintenance Request 
Departmental standing maintenance requests may be established or renewed annually to reduce paperwork and expedite service on the maintenance and/or repair of departmental equipment only. All charges associated with these requests are billed to the requesting department.  Standing maintenance requests should be established through a call to the Work Control Center at (412) 624-9512. 

Once a standing maintenance request is established, service may be requested on-line or via phone following the procedures set forth above. The standing maintenance request number must be referenced with each request. Standing maintenance requests may be renewed by the requesting department each fiscal year and are billed throughout the year as services are provided.

Departmental Work Requests

Non-maintenance services desired by a department are requested through submission of an on-line work request (Departmental Work Requests). Each request is assigned to an Facility Manager or Project Manager for coordination. You will be contacted by the assigned individual to ensure that a clear scope of work is developed.  A cost estimate will be provided for your approval prior to the start of any work.  All work performed is billed to the requesting department or unit.

Campus Signage

Facilities Management and the Office of University Communications are partnering to develop guidelines for campus signage. This includes interior, exterior, temporary and construction signage. If you are interested in updating or adding signage to your space, please submit an on-line Temporary Sign Request.

Project Work

Project work is generally defined as larger departmental requests and approved capital budget projects.  All requests that exceed $50,000 in cost are processed as capital projects. Any request that exceeds $50,000 must be approved through the Capital Projects Budget process.

Each project is assigned to an FM Project Manager who has knowledge and experience in construction/project management.  FM meets with your designated representative to determine the scope of work.  An estimated price is developed based on the information you provide along with input from FM architects and construction professionals. Once the cost estimate is approved by the customer, the Project Manager will work either with FM’s in-house trades or outside contractors to complete the work.

Special Events Requests

Facilities Management provides support for University-sponsored special events in Campus buildings and grounds. Some common special events on campus include exhibits, lectures, receptions, seminars, sporting events, and workshops.  These services include, but are not limited to furniture and equipment rental, set-up, and removal, pre- and post-event cleaning, temporary signage and banners, and temporary utility hook-ups.  FM does not coordinate event security, food service, linens, room scheduling, or audio-visual equipment.

Special events support can be requested online Special Events Requests, or via phone to the Special Events Coordinator at (412) 624-8809.

How to Submit a Work Request

Choose the appropriate type of request from the following selections:

Paper Facilities Management Work Request (Form 0016)

You can requisition this form from Central Business Services Stockroom, B-40 Cathedral of Learning. You should complete the non-shaded regions:

  1. The address, telephone extension, and department should refer to YOU and not the location of the job. This information is needed for correspondence that the WCC will send to you.
  2. The Description of Work should be concise and include the exact nature of the work. Please take the time to check the applicable boxes in the center of the form. This assists the WCC in properly assigning the work.
  3. An Authorizing Signature must be obtained from the responsibility center head for the department or his/her designee.

Communications Regarding Work Requests

When an on-line request is submitted, you will receive a tracking number.  Once the request is process by the Work Control Center you will receive an email notification with the work order job number or maintenance request number.  The work order job number or maintenance request number is needed for all job inquiries to FM. 

When the paper (form 0016) is used, a confirmation copy of the Work Request is sent to you after a work order number has been assigned and the request has been entered into FM’s computer system.  The work order job number is needed for all job inquiries to FM. 

All non-maintenance work is to be estimated (with the exception that if entering an on-line request you can choose “Estimate Required – Yes or No”), and therefore, you can expect a telephone call or email from FM to discuss the estimate, to answer any questions, and to obtain approval of the estimate. If the amount of the estimate is greater than $1,000, we will require a written approval from the customer.

After the commencement of work, any project inquiries should be directed to the FM person assigned to that project.

Services FM Does Not Provide

FM is not responsible for scheduling or coordinating the following:

  • Parking and Transportation - For assistance contact - (412) 624-3098
  • Telephones (CSSD) - For assistance contact - (412) 624-4357
  • Data (CSSD) - For assistance contact - (412) 624-7431

Financial Responsibility for Services Provided

FM Responsibility Department Responsibility


  • Basic maintenance and cleaning of public areas, restrooms, classrooms, offices and laboratories on the Pittsburgh Campus excluding dormitories and Medical Center facilities


  • Non-routine custodial services
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of departmental furnishings and equipment


  • Maintenance and repair of building structures and components (walls, ceilings, windows, doors, locks, etc.)
  • Painting based on condition and availability of funding
  • Signage in public areas for identification purposes
  • Maintenance and repair of public area furniture


  • Renovation or modification of departmental facilities
  • Departmental signage (Design & Construction)
  • Combination locks, nameplates, shelving, cabinets, picture hanging, bulletin boards, etc.
  • Painting beyond available maintenance funding
  • Floor covering
  • Contracted design (Architecture & Systems)


  • Maintenance and repair of building exterior structures and components (roofs, windows, walks, stairs, etc.)
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Snow removal
  • Graffiti removal
  • Building identification signage


  • Special event set-ups
  • Maintenance of athletic fields

Building Systems

  • Maintenance and repair of building central systems including heating, ventilating, and air conditioning
  • Maintenance and repair of elevator and escalator systems


  • Installation, maintenance, and repair of environmental and other special rooms
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair of window
  • A/C units and other departmental systems
  • Departmental security system

Administrative Services

Billings and Inquiries

When the customer authorizes payment for services, the costs are billed to the department's University account number based on actual expenditures to the project, including any design or administrative costs, labor, materials, direct overhead, supervision, fringe benefits, contractor payments, etc.   Facilities Management bills your FAIS accounts semi-monthly.  The charges posted will consist of the aggregate job-related costs for a given time period.  Any questions regarding charges should be addressed with your Facility Manager or Project Manager assigned to the project. !


Policies and Procedures on Banner Submissions