Special Event Services

Facilities Management provides support for University-sponsored special events in most Campus buildings and grounds. Some common special events on campus include exhibits, lectures, receptions, seminars, sporting events, and workshops.

Randy Schmotzer
(412) 383-8354
Eureka Building

Suggestions & Useful Information

Services provided by Facilities Management:

Facilities Management offers a wide range of services in support of special events. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • University-owned Furniture and Equipment Rental, Set-up and Removal
  • Pre- and Post-Event Area Cleaning
  • Temporary Signage and Banner Fabrication and Installation
  • Temporary Utility Hook Ups

Services NOT Provided by Facilities Management:

  • Security (Contact Campus Police at (412) 624-4040) 
  • Food Service and Linens (Contact Food Services at (412) 648-2164)
  • Room Scheduling (See contact list below under "Selecting Your Event Location")
  • Audio/Visual Equipment (Contact Instructional Media Services at (412) 648-7240)
  • Tent Rental and Set-up (See "Tent Rental" below)

Customers should contact the Facilities Management Special Events Coordinator at (412) 624-8809 to discuss needs not specifically listed here.

Submitting a Special Events Work Request:

Customers can submit requests by fax, campus mail or through our website. The fax number for requests is (412) 624-9298.  Mailed requests should be addressed to: Facilities Management Work Control Center – Special Events, Eureka Building.

We encourage you to use our online request system.  In order to do so, individuals must first set up an on-line request account (call the Work Control Center at (412) 624-9296).

Requests not requiring a cost estimate must be submitted at least 5 working days in advance of the event. Requests requiring estimates must be submitted at least 8 working days in advance of the event.  Requests submitted within 4 working days of the event will be honored only if Facilities Management personnel can reasonably accommodate the event.

Upon receipt of a request, the Work Control Center will check the request for completeness.  Work Control will get in touch with the contact person if the request is not complete. Complete requests will be forwarded to the Special Events Coordinator for coordination, planning, and execution.

Special Event Planning Suggestions:

A successful special event begins with planning. Facilities Management offers the following checklist to facilitate your planning process:


Where will the event be held? 

Once you have chosen a location for your event, you will need to contact the appropriate individuals or departments to reserve the space. Reserving the space prevents schedule conflicts, assures that the space is available for your event, and reduces conflicts with adjacent classroom/student activities.

Who should I contact to reserve the space?

If your event is planned for: Contact:
Alumni Hall Ballroom
Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, at (412) 624-7711
Alumni Hall 7th Floor Lobby Area Office of Admissions and Financial Aid, at (412) 624-7711
1201 Bruce Hall Office of Special Events, at (412) 624-7100
Cathedral of Learning Lawn WPU Reservations Office, at (412) 648-7817
Cathedral of Learning Commons Office of Special Events, at (412) 624-7100
Classrooms Rooms and Scheduling, Registrar at (412) 624-7640
David Lawrence Auditorium/Lobby Rooms and Scheduling, Registrar at (412) 624-7640
Frick Fine Arts Cloister Rooms and Scheduling, Registrar at (412) 624-7640
John & Gertrude Petersen Events Center SMG Coordinator, at (412) 648-3078
Posvar Hall Galleria Rooms and Scheduling, Registrar at (412) 624-7640
Posvar Hall Patio Rooms and Scheduling, Registrar at (412) 624-7640
Posvar Hall Suites 2700, 2500 or 2501 Provost’s Office at (412) 624-4222
Schenley Plaza  
The University Club Director of Sales and Marketing at (412) 648-1098
  Note: Facilities Management does not support this venue with labor or equipment
William Pitt Union WPU Reservations Office, at (412) 648-7817

For other areas, contact the department responsible for that area.

Food Service

Food Service information can be obtained at (412) 648-2164.  To arrange for catering, linens, and table skirting contact University Catering at (412) 648-2302.

Don't forget to order food preparation and display furniture from Facilities Management for your catering services at least 5 days prior to your event.


The time or size of your event may require that you notify the University Police Department  (412) 624-4040 for security and building access issues (Including unlocking of any reserved space).

Audio/Visual Equipment

To arrange for audio/visual equipment and operators, contact University Center for Teaching and Learning at (412) 648-3013.


Temporary posters and signage can be displayed only by using easels. Banners with existing grommets can be hung only by securing them to a 10 foot section of pipe and drape and are subject to review and approval before use. Easels along with pipe and drape are available to rent through Facilities Management. Under no circumstance shall any type of banner, poster, or signage be secured to any wall surface or railing. Facilities Management shall not be responsible for delivering these items to the event area or returning them after the event to the customer. Facilities Management should not be asked to secure these items at the completion of your event and will not be held liable for any lost or damaged items.

Furniture Rental

Facilities Management will furnish and arrange tables and chairs upon request.  Available furniture/equipment types are as follows:

Furniture Type Comfortable Seating Capacity
36" Round Table 4 persons
60" Round Table 6 persons
72" Round Table 8 persons
6' Rectangular Table 6 persons
8' Table 8 persons
Metal Chair (brown, not padded) 1 persons
Risers (4' x 8' sections, varying heights 7", 14" & 24")  
Coat Racks  
Pipe & Drape  


All tent setups require a permit from the City of Pittsburgh. It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain the tent permit through the tent rental company. Copies of the permit must be furnished to Facilities Management upon request. Tent assembly requires water barrel or concrete anchors. Spike anchors are not permitted to be utilized for any reason to prevent damage to underground sprinkler systems. If the tent is to be constructed on the grounds of the University, the Facilities Management Grounds Crew must be notified. Filling of water barrel anchors requires the services of the Facilities Management Grounds Crew for the purpose of providing access to hose bibs and hoses for the filling of the water barrels. These needs can be coordinated through the Event Manager at x48809. Labor rates for Facilities Management trades and grounds personnel can be found in section II under “Cost Recovery”. 

Terms and Conditions for Facilities Management Special Event Services

Facilities Management's Responsibilities 

Facilities Management will make every effort to provide special event support services in a prompt and courteous manner.  Facilities Management is not responsible for arranging and coordinating services from other service providers. This includes but is not limited to operating other service providers’ equipment, managing the activities of other service providers, or providing services beyond the scope of work that was agreed upon.  Facilities Management cannot be responsible for damage to or loss of customer-supplied equipment.

Certain individuals and groups within Facilities Management have specific responsibilities:

  • Work Control Center – receives customer requests for special event services, logs requests, assigns requests a job number, and forwards the request to the appropriate Facilities Management personnel.  Work Control will contact the customer if the work request is unclear or incomplete before assigning the request a job number.  Requests may be submitted via hard-copy form, fax, or via the internet (See instructions under “Submitting a Special Events Work Request”).
  • Event Manager – interfaces with the customer, determines the availability of Facilities Management resources, develops cost estimates for special event services upon request, and schedules and coordinates Facilities Management personnel required for event support.  This individual also serves as a planning resource for customers.
  • Special Events Supervisor – manages the activities of Facilities Management event personnel assigned to support events.

Customers' Responsibilities

Customers are responsible for the following:

  • Submitting a complete Special Event service request at least five working days prior to the date of the event.
  • Providing Facilities Management with a clear and concise scope of work.
  • Providing Facilities Management with a valid account number.  The recommended subcode for these services is 6490.
  • Arranging and coordinating services by other entities such as outside vendors, food services, and campus police.
  • Verifying the availability of and reserving the room or outside location for the date and time of event.
  • Developing contingency plans and communicating those plans to all involved parties.
  • Providing an on-site event coordinator to act as the customer representative to review the event set-up and additional services.
  • Monitoring activities of attendees during events to minimize damage to equipment and facilities.

Cost Recovery:

Facilities Management will charge the customer for all costs associated with providing service including but not limited to:

  • Labor
  • Material
  • Furniture and Equipment rental fees
  • Property damage or loss

Facilities Management will make every effort to post charges to the customer’s account within one month.  However, in some cases there may be delays due to third-party invoicing or University accounting system delays.  Whenever such delays occur, the customer may request from Facilities Management a listing of all charges that Facilities Management expects to post as of the date of the request and an explanation of additional charges expected.  These requests should be directed to the Special Events Coordinator.

If an event is cancelled, Facilities Management will invoice the customer for any expenses incurred prior to receipt of cancellation notice.  If no cancellation notice is received, the customer will be responsible for all expenses incurred. If rental furniture has been ordered for your event 48 hours advance notification is required to avoid charges from being incurred. Please contact Dave Huey at (412) 244-7080 with any billing questions.