Special Events


In order to access the Facilities Management Special Events Request site site, your University username and password need to be registered for access with Facilities Management. If you need to register your University username for use with the new Facilities Management Special Events Request site, please click here to be registered.

Enter a Special Events Request using University credentials

This page is for entering Online Special Event Requests. A complete description of special event services offered by Facilities Management as well as special event planning suggestions can be found here.

The upper section of the on-line form contains information about you, the customer. Choose the building in which you are located from the drop-down list provided. Also, if any of your personal information has changed, please make the necessary corrections and check the UPDATE DEFAULT USER INFORMATION box located at the bottom of the form.

The next section contains information about the special event services you're requesting. Put your account number in the field labeled ACCOUNT NUMBER. This field is required to submit your request. Enter only the digits of your account number, dashes need not be entered. Choose the location of the building in which the event will be taking place. Enter details such as quantity of chairs required, type of utility connections required, etc. in the description field. Press the SUBMIT button when you've completed.

After you have submitted your request, you will receive a confirmation e-mail detailing the information you have submitted. The e-mail will also contain a tracking number that should be referenced when contacting Facilities Management regarding your request.

Please Note: Submitting an On-Line Work Request DOES NOT constitute a room space reservation. Room reservation must be handled by the appropriate reservations office(s) prior to requesting event support.

Questions? Email Facilities Management Work Control Center