Work Requests

This page is for entering Online Work Requests. The upper area contains information about you, the requester. Choose the building in which you are located from the drop-down list provided. Also, if any of your personal information has changed, please make the necessary corrections and check the UPDATE DEFAULT USER INFORMATION box located at the bottom of the form.

The next section contains information about the work you're requesting. Put your account number in the field labeled ACCOUNT NUMBER. This field is required to submit your departmental request. Enter only the digits of your account number, dashes need not be entered. Choose the location of the building in which the work will be taking place. Enter the room number in the description field. Press the SUBMIT button when you've completed.

Facilities Management uses University usernames and passwords via SSL to grant access. In order to access the new site, your University username and password need to be registered for access with Facilities Management. Please click here to provide your University username to be registered for use with the Facilities Management On-Line Work Requests site.

There are 2 types of work requests:  Departmental Work Requests (require departmental account number) and Maintenance Requests (Facilities Management responsibility).  Each type of request is routed and processed differently, so please choose carefully to avoid an unnecessary delay.

Enter an Online Departmental Work Request

Departmental work requests include non-maintenance services desired by a department, and require a University departmental account number.

Enter an Online Maintenance Request

Maintenance requests should include repairs to buildings, building systems, door hardware, plumbing fixtures, lighting, or other minor maintenance items.

Track your Work and Maintenance Requests

Lock Requests

For security reasons, the following type of jobs require prior approval by the University Police: Installation of key locks, installation of combination locks, changing of lock cores, and issuing additional keys. Please complete the Lock Request Form on the Pitt Police website. Sending your request to facilities management will delay processing.

Questions? Email Facilities Management Work Control Center.